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If you love golf then you'll want to get as much golf into your life as you can! If you'd like to find out where you can play golf free, or take part in golf competitions free of charge then bookmark this site and have a browse of what we've got on offer.

If you have golfing freebies or golf free stuff then please let us know and we'll list it on this site.

every order placed will receive a free round of golf at a selection of courses across the UK. Offer ends 21st August - Free golf at

Code 170274 for £5 off


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The English Golf Union - offers Free Golf Coaching for Beginners 2004


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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the Uk. There are hundreds of golf courses around the country and in light of recent bad weather more people are looking to take holidays abroad where they can play golf.

Free golf lingo bingo - a game to play whilst watching golf on tv.


Free get into golf taster - organised by area in the Uk


Definitions of Rough, Fairway and Green:

Rough is uncut grass, semi-rough is long grass. The rough may have obstacles like water, sand or trees to make the game more interesting and difficult.
Fairway is closely mown grasses area which joins the tee to the green.
The green is very closely cut grassed area where the hole is.

The tee is where you start off. Its also the name of the wooden (or plastic) peg you put the ball on for the "tee shot".

Every hole has its own par - the number of shots a good player takes to go round from the tee to putting the ball in the hole. The actual hole is called the cup - the hole

you're allowed to carry up to 14 clubs with you on the course.

A standard set comprises a driver, two fairway woods, 8 irons, twp wedges and a putter

Metal woods are better for beginners as they're easier to use than wooden woods.

A higher numbered club will tend to send the ball more up into the air than a lower numbered club.

Birdie - putting the ball into the cup in one under par

Eagle - two under par

Ace - a hole in one.



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